Coleção Olho Vivo (Olho Vivo Collection)

O Olho Vivo está lançando um box de DVDs contendo trabalhos coordenados e realizados por Luciano Coelho e Marcelo Munhoz entre os anos de 2003 e 2012. Tais trabalhos retratam problemas sociais, nos levando a indagar algumas questões que muitas vezes nos passam despercebidas.

Então o Luciano me convidou para fazer a vinheta que precede cada filme. Ele e eu pensamos juntos sobre o tema e depois produzi o storyboard e a animação.

Olho Vivo is a video producer that portrays social issues through documentaries and is releasing a box of DVDs, named Coleção Olho Vivo (which means Olho Vivo Collection), containing the docs made by Luciano Coelho e Marcelo Munhoz during the years 2003 and 2012.

So Luciano asked me if I could create an opening titles for this collection. He and me created the concept of this material and I developed the storyboard and the animation itself.





Vão ao Canal do Vimeo do Olho Vivo e confiram os ótimos materiais, nos quais em um deles eu participei da realizaçao: Danças do Coração, abaixo.

Feel free to go to Olho Vivo Channel on Vimeo and watch those great docs. Ah, in one of them I was in the production team: Danças do Coração (something like Dances of the Heart). And oh, unfortunately they are all only in Portuguese yet. :/


Flaming Skull using Form – After Effects Tutorial

Hello guys.
I decided to make a tutorial to show you how to create flames in 3D objects using Trapcode Form. To do so, I got the skull model from the guys from Particle Skull.

You can download them throught those links: Big Skull and Normal Skull.

Hope you like it!
For more Particle Skull tutorials, go to

Atari – Keystone Kapers (WIP)

I’m feeling a bit inspired by those old Atari games (oh childhood) lately and thought what if they belonged to a same universe such as Wreck-It Ralph movie?

So I decided to start off with the game I like the most: Keystone Kapers.

First I modeled a 3D version for the game levels and obstacles.

Then I modeled, textured and animated the characters. Actually, I just made their running cycle as a sort of test, which in the end I got really satisfied with.

I also textured them first (I still have to add some details to the Officer). Here the results:


Reference image:

Ne next step is to texture the ambient and put them all together. And then start to figure out how to get the other game into this little world.
Hope you like.

Condor – Bom Banho

Animações e transições feitas a partir de roteiro e storyboard desenvolvido pela agência.
Animation and motion made based on storyboard developed by the ad agency. Only in portuguese, but it’s and ad showing the products and their characteristics.

Parceria/Partnership: Gennium
Agência/Ad Agency: Housecricket
Áudio/Music and voice: U-DOG

Reel 2014

Trabalhos profissionais e pessoais feitos durante 2013.
Algum deles estão no vimeo. Sinta-se a vontade para assistir, comentar e dar um coração. 😀

Collection of professional and personal works I made in 2013.
Some of them are on vimeo. Feel free to watch, comment and give them a heart. 😀

Música / song: “Indyair” by springtide (